ITRP Learning Center

ITRP Learning Center

The ITRP Learning Center is your resource for advancing your ITRP knowledge. From the day your organization’s account is created, all the way through getting you comfortable with maintaining your change workflows and service portfolio, this is where you can gradually learn at a pace that suits you.

Training Modules

Several training modules available are for you here in the ITRP Learning Center. These courses are role-specific, so you can concentrate on the ones that are relevant to you.

Quick Start Guide

For new users of ITRP there is also the Quick Start Guide. It offers a list of short videos. Each video demonstrates one of the basic features of ITRP.

Account Setup Guide

If you just created an ITRP account for your organization, then the Account Setup Guide will walk you through the initial setup of the account.

When you have completed the steps of this guide, you will have prepared a draft service catalog for your organization and you will be ready to register requests.